Gorgeous Art Book Inspo for Holiday Gifts!

Did you ever catch your child looking. at one of those chunky coffee table books dedicated to art? If so, you probably saw them pause and fixate on image after image. As visual artists, we love, love, love to look at art! It’s especially fun to leaf through pictures of drawings from “the making of”Continue reading “Gorgeous Art Book Inspo for Holiday Gifts!”

Portfolio Reviews Going on NOW

Calling all High Artistic Schoolers! You’re wondering what it would be like to go to an art college to major in any art-related field, or even if you don’t plan to be an art major, National Portfolio Day can help provide lots of insight into how to make the best fine art portfolio to useContinue reading “Portfolio Reviews Going on NOW”

How to Make a Home Art Show

Want to encourage your little artist? You can stage an art exhibit, gallery-style, at your home! We did this once with my son, Elliot, when he was six years old, it was so much fun, and it meant the world to him. We took the everyday art off of our living room walls, and replacedContinue reading “How to Make a Home Art Show”

When My Parents Made Art with Me

I happened to walk through one of our Figure Drawing and Portraiture Workhsops at Art Steps in Yorba Linda, CA last month when I happened across Manuella Cooper, who had joined her daughters, long-time students Sophia and Amanda, to try her hand at drawing people for the week. I’ve known her for years, and sheContinue reading “When My Parents Made Art with Me”

Gratitude in 2020

Isn’t it remarkable how during the worst of times, the good things in life shine brighter? We are all living through such a difficult moment in history. If you’re like me, you’ve noticed that even through this long storm, there is still so much sunlight that shines through the clouds. With online learning, mask-wearing, distancing,Continue reading “Gratitude in 2020”

The Art Steps Holiday Shop is OPEN

Create beautiful gifts using your artwork! –  Encourage the artist in your family–  Support children in need–  Check off your holiday shopping list!  Here’s how: 1. See the price list above2. Go to silvergraphics.com/shop3. Enter class code: ArtSteps2020All proceeds go to Bright Artists, our nonprofit bringing high quality fine art classes to kids who could normally neverContinue reading “The Art Steps Holiday Shop is OPEN”

Your Free 4-Step Printout of the Week!

Enjoy this step-by-step breakdown, free to print at home, then follow along, compliments of Art Steps! Having fun with these? Consider working with an expert teacher every step of the way with a free introductory online art class. Kids love personal, one-on-one feedback and coaching in small groups via Zoom. Call 714-524-2248 for more info,Continue reading “Your Free 4-Step Printout of the Week!”

One Student’s Artwork: A Celebration

The other day, as I was training some teachers in our children’s art program’s curriculum at our Yorba Linda, CA studio location, one of our teachers pointed out to me that a “Master Student” wall display was on its way. As she showed me the soon-to-be-displayed student’s work, I was delighted to see that thisContinue reading “One Student’s Artwork: A Celebration”

Crafting a Constructive Outlook

Developing resilience and optimism becomes inherent to any discipline, including the study of classical, realistic drawing and painting. That patient, calm attitude then spreads into our daily lives. One way to distinguish a new student among a class of peers is to watch the eraser.  Newer students tend to rub lines away frequently, often withContinue reading “Crafting a Constructive Outlook”