Yes, We Have Been in This Together

To all of the parents of Art Steps students whose children did not like online classes, and who did not feel comfortable bringing them in, I am sorry that in 2020 and 2021, your creative young kiddo has not had the benefit of the classes they love. I am in the same boat as you; my sons Elliot and Sam, both, for their own reasons, wanted to discontinue lessons this year, and will likely return when we are back 100%. Thank you for keeping the faith; we will all be together again, hopefully sooner than later. Putting one foot in front of the other, I am glad to report that most of our teachers have now had at least one vaccination shot, and counting.

To those of you who were able to participate, either online or in-person, I have written and sent a letter of thanks, as your financial support has kept the lights on during this most difficult year. I would like to add my deepest thanks to some families who have continued to pay tuition regardless of their attendance status. What amazing generosity. Though it is a little cliché to say at this point, I really do feel, in my heart, that we are in this together, still. Here is the letter sent to those who continued through the year.

Dear Art Steps Family:

To the I hope that your family is doing well. I wanted to personally reach out and thank your family for sticking with Art Steps this year.

It has been nearly one year exactly since the fateful day that we closed our doors along with the rest of the country. At that time, we thought we were closing for two weeks. 

What followed was the hardest time of many of our lives as for so many. Our whole staff scrambled, working tirelessly day and night, to try to figure out a way to teach our hands-on classical art program online, skipping meals and working through sleepless nights just to try to tide us all over, teaching real skills for a closure that we then thought would span just one month. However, as the pandemic persisted, we learned that while a good number of students loved online classes, this was not the case for many. As a small business, we tearfully had to let go of dear long-term staff members just to survive, while navigating the uncertain drama of applying for federal assistance, working with our staff’s diverse safety needs, and rethinking our entire in-person program to comply with new distancing and hygiene regulations.  After a delayed reopening attempt, we wondered if our business, my life’s work, would survive. 

Well, here we still are, one year later.  We have survived so far, just because of you!  Without your faith in Art Steps and your trust in our ability to keep our students safe, we would not be here. You are the sole reason we have been able to pay the rent, to keep our staff employed, and, most importantly, to serve our students. Thank you, as well, for respecting everyone’s safety. Your cooperation has been a kindness to every student and their families, as well as to our staff.

This whole time, our kids have been our greatest light in the dark. It is such a joy to see them settling and connecting to their creativity. Their wonderful spirits shine through behind their masks. We know how therapeutic drawing and painting can be, and we are particularly honored at this time to be able to provide a safe, steady, healing experience for kids who need art now, more than ever.  

Thank you so much for sticking it out with us this far.

Because you saw us through the darkest times, my family and I wanted to send you a special thank-you in the form of an extra discount for summer camps.  We have made a note in your account. Mention by phone or email when you sign up that you qualify, and we will give you an extra $40 off of the in-studio Summer Workshop of your choice this year or next, in addition to all other discounts.  

As a small business owner, a teacher, and a mom, I will never be able to fully express my profound gratitude for saving our beloved small business.  Ahead, we hope for a healing year for our students and for us all.  Wishing you health, peace and light. 

With gratitude, 
Hilary Key

Owner, Art Steps

To anyone wondering about discounts if you have not been able to attend, take heart! We have multiple discounts available for workshops through the end of April for you! Please contact us at 714-524-2248 to see how they stack up.

Thanks for being a part of the Art Steps family!

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