As the founder of Art Steps fine art studios and the nonprofit Bright Artists,  I have seen thousands of children develop classical drawing and painting skills over nearly two decades.  While we excel at working hands-on with kids and teens, we find parents need support too, as they navigate the seemingly mysterious world of guiding an artistic child toward a life of creative success.

This blog is here to provide tips, resources, perspective, support and inspiration for the families of our students, for our teen and adult students, and to anyone who wants to watch young artists thrive.

I live in Orange County, California in a house full of paintings together with my husband, Matt, our two creative boys,  Sam, 10 and Eli, 6, our golden retriever mix, Bella, and our cat Hazel, who tries to help type this blog.

Hilary Key


Blissfully viewing a Degas while visiting my alma mater at the Art Institute of Chicago 🙂



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